Germanwings Crash Prompts U.K. Cinemas to Add Disclaimer About 'Wild Tales' Plot

Wild Tales Film Still - H 2014

Wild Tales Film Still - H 2014

The Argentinean portmanteau film includes a story line in which a man purposefully crashes a plane.

A noted similarity between the tragic events behind last week's Germanwings plane crash in France and scenes from the film Wild Tales has been spotted by cinemas in the U.K.

The Pedro Almodovar-produced Argentinean portmanteau – which was nominated for an Oscar at the last Academy Awards – features a story line in which a character purposefully crashes a plane full of people he deems to have wronged him. The investigation into the Germanwings crash has found that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz locked himself in the cockpit and deliberately steered the plane into the French Alps, resulting in 150 deaths.

In response, the Curzon film chain is now offering a disclaimer on its website, warning viewers of the similarities.

"Following the Germanwings flight incident on Tuesday 24th March, please be aware that Wild Tales features a sequence that some customers might find disturbing,” it states.

Meanwhile, the British Film Institute, which is also screening the film, has added this note: "Wild Tales is a work of fiction, and any similarities with real events is an unintentional and regrettable coincidence."