Germany's Delphi goes bust

Arthouse distributor affected by string of flops, 3D boom

COLOGNE, Germany -- Berlin-based arthouse distributor Delphi has filed for bankruptcy protection. Delphi applied for the German equivalent of Chapter 11 on April 1.

The distributor, set up in 1989 by producer Claus Boje, was pushed to the edge by a string of flops last year. Despite several promising titles -- including Ken Loach's "Looking for Eric" and "Same Same But Different" featuring "The Reader" star David Kross, boxoffice was meager.

The filing was the first in what many expect will be a wave of consolidation among German arthouse distributors. Smaller distributors have been hard hit by the 3D boom, which has drawn audiences into bigger multiplexes but emptied traditional arthouse theaters across Germany.

Boje Buck, the production outfit Claus Boje runs with "Same Same" director Detlev Buck, is not affected by the insolvency.
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