Germany's Lolas to honor Vicco von Bulow

Comedian tapped for lifetime achievement award

COLOGNE, Germany -- Vicco von Bulow, the German comedy multihyphenate better known as Loriot, will receive a lifetime achievement Lola at next week's German Film Awards.

A 10-member jury, which included producers Bernd Eichinger and Gunter Rohrbach, director Michael Bully Herbig and actress Jasmin Tabatabai among other local film luminaries, picked Bulow for the honor.

The 85-year-old first rose to fame as a cartoonist in postwar Germany before crossing over into television and then film.

His gently sardonic humor won over mass audiences as well as critics. His film debut, "Odipussi" (1988), which he wrote, directed and starred in, won him several awards, including a German Film Prize. His follow-up, "Pappa Ante Portas," was a similar critical and commercial success.

"Even though he only directed two feature films, (von Bulow) became a role model for everyone around him and for those who came after him in the field," Rohrbach said. "He set the standard. Everyone learned from him and we all owe him a debt of thanks for his admirably impressive body of work."

Von Bulow will receive his lifetime achievement Lola at the 2009 German Film Awards in Berlin on April 24.