Germany's Telepool Buys VOD Group

The Munich-based rights group plans to use the online service to expand its traditional home entertainment business.

COLOGNE, Germany – German rights group Telepool has bought Netleih, the home entertainment group that controls VOD service

The deal, financial details of which were not disclosed, gives Munich-based Telepool full control of Netleih.

Telepool managing director Thomas Weymar said the acquisition marks a further move into the online distribution business for the rights group, which is controlled by German and Swiss public broadcasters. 

STORY: Netflix to Launch in Netherlands Later This Year

Unlike many of its European neighbors, the German DVD business is still thriving but VOD growth has been strong and most traditional distributors believe the shift to online is inevitable.

Netflix, which just announced it will be launching its third European service in the Netherlands later this year, has yet to arrive in the German market. Many German players see an opportunity to establish a VOD beachhead in the territory before Netflix rolls in.