Gersh signs comedy fest co-winner Mauss


NEW YORK - The Gersh Agency has signed 26-year-old comic Shane Mauss, who this weekend was a co-winner of the best standup award at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.

Throughout his sets as part of USCAF standup showcases, Mauss, based in Boston, scored with his offbeat and edgy humor.

Among his material are jokes about such things as pessimistic girlfriends and a vegan friend who offers up coffee with soy milk.

Mauss opened Aspen sets saying he would like to get rich by selling bumper stickers that say "I am a child molestor." After a pause, he would add: "You don't put them on your own car."

Gersh agent Doug Edley signed Mauss, who was also pursued by other agencies.

The young standup shared the USCAF award for best standup with Kirk Fox.