'Get Hard's' 5 Most Uncomfortable Moments

Get Hard Still 1 - H 2015
Patti Perret

Get Hard Still 1 - H 2015

The Will Ferrell-Kevin Hart comedy includes a sexually charged bathroom scene.

Things haven't been easy for Get Hard.

The Will Ferrell-Kevin Hart comedy had a strong showing at the box office over its opening weekend, but it also earned flak from critics who argued that the film had racist and homophobic undertones. The film's plot centers on James (Ferrell), a white businessman who hires a black acquaintance named Darnell (Hart) to prepare him for a stint in maximum-security prison.

In light of the controversy, here are five scenes that might make viewers a bit uneasy. (Minor spoilers ahead.)

1. Darnell tries to get James to say the N-word

While parked outside of the headquarters for a neo-Nazi club, Darnell keeps pushing James to use a racial slur. The scene ends with James getting slapped.

2. John Mayer sings about getting raped

Lots of people in the film are quick to blithely remind Will that prisons are known for sexual assault. In a cameo, singer Mayer drops by with a new tune that includes the lyric, "He'll be choking on a mouthful of balls." And Darnell tells James that San Quentin State Prison should be called "San F—in'."

3. Shonda dances while visiting jail

At the end of the film, James starts dating Shonda, who twerks while visiting him during his incarceration. The scene plays up the pair's different racial backgrounds.

4. One word: "keistering"

To prepare to evade security checks, James teaches himself how to hide weapons in a certain orifice. 

5. One-on-one in a bathroom stall

James realizes he will have trouble fending off predators and decides to learn how to pleasure prospective fellow inmates. Yes, this scene involves full-frontal male nudity.

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