Getting Dolled Up for Dior With Portia Doubleday

Courtesy of Dior
Portia Doubleday

The 'Mr. Robot' star and self-described lipstick addict shares her behind-the-scenes snaps while getting ready for the Dior Addict Lip Lacquer party in L.A. on Wednesday night.

“Even though I've heard this is a major "no-no,” if my makeup is pretty from the day before, I’ll just sleep in it. Sometimes — not always — it's not half bad!” jokes Portia Doubleday. But when it came to a night out on the town in celebration of the new Dior Addict Lacquer Stick at Los Angeles hotspot Delilah, the Mr. Robot star turned to artist Molly Greenwald for a fresh look, topped with hair by Alex Pollilo.

Drawing upon Doubleday’s bright red, structured Dior dress for inspiration (styled by Monty Jackson), Greenwald sought to keep the makeup “fresh, warm and neutral — a clean, soft overall feeling,” she says, while complementing her modern center-part pony. “She has these incredible eyes that command attention, so we focused there with a pale, warm smoke and a full lash,” notes the artist.

Landing on a lip shade, however, was not such an easy decision. “Playing with lipsticks is a bit of an addiction,” admits Doubleday. “At one point, at least seven colors were layered on because ... well, why not?”

Throw in wine, good conversation and music, and here’s how Doubleday’s polished look came together.

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