Ghetto Film School, Frieze Los Angeles Partner on New Film Award for 2020 Fair (Exclusive)

Frieze Los Angeles 2019-  Jordan Riefe- Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Jordan Riefe

Deutsche Bank will sponsor the $10,000 prize whose winner will be chosen at the February 2020 Frieze Los Angeles art fair on the Paramount lot.

Ghetto Film School, Frieze and Deutsche Bank announced today the inaugural Deutsche Bank Frieze Los Angeles Film Award, which will be presented at next year's Frieze Los Angeles (Feb. 14-16) on the Paramount lot. Students 18 to 34 years old and residing in the L.A. area can go to to apply for the $10,000 prize.

"We've been in L.A. the past six years and have developed community-based partnerships serving young people in 60-plus neighborhoods, allowing us to find young artists when they're just breaking out and bringing them this opportunity, a chance to commission work from them," says Ghetto Film School CEO Stosh Mintek about what stands as a landmark in the school’s development since branching out from its home base in the Bronx.

Founded in 2000 in New York, Ghetto Film School has since expanded to Los Angeles and London, serving more than 4,000 students from diverse backgrounds. GFS' Fellows Program pairs students with such top filmmakers as David O. Russell and Lee Daniels, who give them notes at table reads. 

Applicants for the new award must submit a résumé, Vimeo links and a 300-word artist statement. Ten finalists will be announced at Frieze London (Oct. 3-6). The lucky few will undergo a four-month intensive program, making short films incorporating questions of artmaking in relation to space — in this case Los Angeles. Their films will be screened at Frieze Los Angeles, where a jury will select the award winner.

"We're going to look for wildly different responses to that, and we'll look for students to go deeper to challenge and engage what it means to be a part of the city," says Mintek. "In some cases it might be a documentary, animation, music video, a narrative shortform. The wider variety, the more successful the project will be."

Frieze Los Angeles director Bettina Korek said in a statement, "To be able to support these emerging local filmmakers in depicting our city's current world, and showing how the medium of film has grown alongside it, is a privilege to us and our partners at the Paramount Theater and GFS. I can't wait to meet the fellows and to see how they envision Los Angeles."

Director of Frieze Fairs Victoria Siddall added, "Frieze has a long history of supporting artists through awards, commissions and subsidized platforms at our fairs; we are proud to be part of this new initiative."