Ghetto Film School Partners With Warner Bros. for Antismoking PSAs

Courtesy of YouTube/Ghetto Film School
Anti-smoking PSA 'Life'

Entertainment Industry Foundation also assisted in the creation of the spots, which will appear on DVDs before youth-rated films that depict smoking.

Young filmmakers from the Ghetto Film School, with the help of the Entertainment Industry Foundation and Warner Bros., recently put their talents toward two PSAs for the youth antismoking campaign Hollywood Unfiltered. 

Andrew Grell, Jade Mincey, Edgar Alvarez, Juan Del Rio, Daquan Saxton, Melissa Murray and Chris Negron are the young filmmakers who created the two PSAs, No Smoke Squad and Life, the latter of which features Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara’s song "Seventeen."

The filmmakers worked with the school's full-service boutique alumni-run production company, Digital Bodega.

“Working with Warner Bros. and EIF to develop antismoking PSAs has truly been a great opportunity for our team,” said Iasmel Vasquez, executive producer at Digital Bodega and an alumnus of Ghetto Film School. “From the initial pitch process to postproduction, this has been an experience we’re all extremely proud of, and we can’t wait for the final product to reach viewers.”

The Ghetto Film School is based in the South Bronx, New York, and MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, and has more than 1,000 individuals annually engaged in its free programming, which is meant to foster young creative talent.

Hoping to reaching a target demographic of 13- to 17-year-olds, the PSAs will appear on DVDs from Warner Bros. and other major studios before youth-rated films that depict smoking and also will be distributed on a variety of digital channels.


No Smoke Squad