'Ghost' gets Japanese remake

Production casts Japanese, Korean players in starring roles

TOKYO -- “Ghost” is to get a Japanese remake with Nanako Matsushima and Korean actor Seung-heon Song taking the Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze roles, respectively.
Stalwart NTV television director Taro Otani will be behind the camera when filming starts in June, nearly 20 years after the original was released.
Productions duties will be handled by Takashige Ichise, who worked on both the originals and Hollywood remakes of the “Ring” and “The Grudge” series. Ichise has been bridging the Tokyo-Hollywood gap as far back as 1993’s “American Yakuza,” which he wrote and executive produced. He was also involved in the Hollywood version of “Shutter” -- shot in Tokyo but based on a Thai movie.
The two leads are both models turned actors; Matsushima starred in two of the “Ring” films as well as two series of “Hana Yori Dango” (“Boys over Flowers”), while Song has graced hit Korean dramas like “East of Eden” and “Autumn Fairy Tale.”
The remade “Ghost” is slated for an autumn release by Paramount and Shochiku.