'Ghost Hunters' Scares Up Business Oversees

Ghost Hunters - TV Still: Kris Williams, Barry FitzGerald, Paul Bradford - P - 2010
Alik Keplicz/Syfy

Alfred Haber Distribution sells the new season of Syfy's paranormal reality series across Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Syfy's Ghost Hunters continues to scare up business oversees, with Alfred Haber Distribution locking down deals across Europe, Asia and Latin America for the long-running paranormal reality series.

Haber just closed new licensing deals for Ghost Hunters with, among others, Britain's BSkyB, Australia's Foxtel, OLN in Canada, NBCU in Latin America and Celestial for all of Southeast Asia. The show, which returns for a ninth season on Syfy Chanel January 22, is now seen in more than 137 countries worldwide.

"With these new sales, millions of viewers the world over will be able to continue their frightful, delightful 'love affair' with the paranormal thanks to this successful franchise," said Alfred Haber in a statement.

Ghost Hunters follows Jason Hawes -- a full-time plumber and part-time paranormal investigator -- as he and a group of researchers look into a series of inexplicable events that defy logical explanation. Grant Wilson, the show's co-lead investigator, resigned from Ghost Hunters at the end of the eighth season.