'Ghostbusters' Director Reveals New Photos of Iconic Proton Packs


Paul Feig tweeted a tantalyzing look from the Sony reboot.

After 30 years, Ghostbusters is upgrading its proton packs.

With anticipation for Sony’s all-female reboot of the classic film franchise building, director Paul Feig took to Twitter to reveal a very detailed picture of the iconic proton packs.

Tagged “#themoreyouknow,” the picture was the latest in a series of posts about the famous backpacks/ghost extermination weapon (See tweets below). While previous posts leaked schematics with the design and dimensions of various components of the proton pack, the newest picture highlights specific functioning parts such as the “Cryocooler Pulse Tube,” “Plasma Ignition Chamber” and the “Miniaturized Superconducting Proton Synchrotron" (MSPS).

The director posted the picture in response to a number of questions from cosplayers (aka costume players) hoping to make their outfits at Comic-Con — and other similar events—as authentic as possible. Surely, the floor in San Diego may have its fair share of both male and female Ghostbusters roaming the booths and panels.

Amongst the details that Feig specifically noted were the new packs’ bright orange and gray straps, which replaced the army green straps worn by Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis in the original movies. The orange detailing matches the reimagined incarnation of the famous Ghostbusters jumpsuits, which Feig previously revealed on Twitter.

The reboot, which is  filming in Boston, sees Bridesmaids’ Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones and frequent Feig-collaborator Melissa McCarthy (the duo’s espionage comedy Spy is in theaters) replacing the original quartet. They will be joined by Thor star (and Ghostbusters secretary) Chris Hemsworth on the male side of things. The Heat’s Katie Dippold collaborated with Feig on the script based on Ramis' and Aykroyd’s original characters.

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