Ghostbusters Star Speaks Out on Third Movie

Ernie Hudson says he's heard the rumors, but "I haven't seen anybody with any money."

Despite talk of a third Ghostbusters movie, star Ernie Hudson says he hasn't been approached about a role in the film.

Hudson, who starred with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd in the first two Ghostbusters movies, told TMZ over the weekend that he's has yet to be contacted by anyone involved in the project.

"I haven't seen anybody with any money, but I hear it's happening, and I've been reading all the press stuff, and the fans have been telling me that it's on," Hudson said.

Ivan Reitman, who directed and produced the first two Ghostbusters movies, told The Hollywood Reporter last month that it's likely to be his next directorial project.

"There's a very good script that the other cast members have read and liked," he said. "We're just waiting for Bill Murray to read it."

And Aykroyd in December said he had already read the screenplay, calling it a "great script."

For his part, Hudson said he hopes to see the Ghostbusters crew return to the big screen.

"I have no idea and I'm not waiting for it, but I'd love to see it happen," he added.