'The Giants' Wins Big at Director's Fortnight Sidebar (Cannes 2011)

Cannes Film Festival

The Belgian title won both the SACD prize and the Art Cinema Award before its Saturday premiere.

Bouli Lanners’ The Giants was a humongous winner at the 2011 Director’s Fortnight sidebar competition with the Belgian title already claiming the SACD prize and the Art Cinema Award before it premieres as the sidebar’s closing night film on Saturday.

Bertrand Tavernier’s SACD (Society of Auteurs and Dramatic Composers) jury chose the film as the best French-language title in the selection.

The CICAE, which groups together France’s art-house cinemas, also chose Lanners coming-of-age tale about two Belgian brothers for its Art Cinema Award.

Memento Films International is handling global sales for the title. Karl Marcovics’ Breathing won the Europa Cinemas Label prize.