Gigapix Studios launches distribution company

EXCLUSIVE: 'The Tortured' on Gigapix Releasing's slate

Gigapix Studios has thrown a new distribution company into the mix: Gigapix Releasing.

The new company has acquired U.S. theatrical rights to an inaugural slate that includes the thriller "The Tortured," the campy horror film "The Bleeding" and the horror remake "Mother's Day," which just had its premiere at the Austin-based Fantastic Fest. Gigapix plans a release later this year for "The Bleeding," with releases for "The Tortured" and "Mother's Day" planned for early next year.

Gigapix Releasing has access to a print and advertising fund through New Legacy Media, which has provided P&A investments to more than a hundred films. In addition, Gigapix and New Legacy are pursuing another $100 million P&A fund.

"There are a significant number of very strong independent films on the market," said David Pritchard, president of Gigapix Studios. "Many of these films have exceptional performances; however, they are just not able to get traction in the current market place, leaving an opportunity for a disciplined new releasing company like ours to bring quality made films to their specific audiences."

Gigapix Releasing plans to release between six to 10 films per year, some in wide openings such as "Mother's Day."

Produced by Richard Saperstein, Brett Ratner, Jay Stern, Curtis Leopardo and Brian Witten, "Mother's Day" was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman ("Saw II," "III" and "IV") and stars Rebecca De Mornay and Jaime King.

Produced by Mark Burg, Carl Mazzocone, Marek Posival and Oren Koules, "The Tortured" was written by Posival and directed by Robert Lieberman ("Fire In The Sky"). It stars Erika Christensen and Jesse Metcalfe.

Produced by Frank Capra III, Joe Di Maio, Michael Matthias and Emmett/Furla, "The Bleeding" was directed by Charlie Picerni ("Three Days to Vegas") and stars DMX, Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones and Armand Assante.

The deal on "The Tortured" and "Mother's Day" was brought to Gigapix and brokered by the Paradigm Motion Picture Finance Group.
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