Gigi Hadid Dishes on Her Summer Must-Haves

Gigi Hadid Maybelline - Getty 2016
Paul Archuleta / Contributor

The supermodel talks about her favorite shade of lipstick, her go-to cocktail and selfies.

Gigi Hadid stepped out in a navy David Koma mini dress with double side zippers at the Maybelline Beauty Bash on Friday night ready to show off the newest products from the beauty giant at the brand's Summer Beauty Bash held at The Line Hotel. The 21-year-supermodel wore a a mix of three new lipstick shades, including a swipe of white lipstick in the center of her pout, which, according to make up artist Erin Parson, "softened" the two other dark colors used first.

Over Maybellinis (sparkling wine and strawberry puree) and sweet treats like black and white cookies and mini rainbow sprinkle rice crispy treats, Pret-a-Reporter caught up with Hadid about everything beauty and the pressure that comes with having millions of Instagram followers.

Pret-a-Reporter: You have more than 18 million followers on Instagram.

Gigi Hadid: It is so crazy.

Does that many followers come with pressure though?

Not really. Honestly even as the numbers go up, it has just never been something that stresses me out. I guess that is because I can't really picture 18 million people in my head, I really have no idea what that looks like. So I just try to think of it as 18 people and just post what I want to post.

Be honest though: How many pictures do you take before you get the perfect selfie?

When it comes to selfies I’ll definitely take a couple. I don’t do a lot of posed selfie pictures though. I love when you are with a group of friends and everyone is taking pictures and just having fun and you pick and choose from there what comes naturally from that situation. It’s just like when something happens at the right time and it’s candid, that's when the best pictures happen. 

Do you have a summer beauty must-have?

My nude lipstick for sure. I always have it with me and I think that when you have a bronzy glow, just putting a swipe of nude lipstick on and making the whole look kind of neutral is really pretty for summer. And I’d say one of the bright, bold lip colors from the new (Maybelline) collection are more unexpected and really cool for summer. 

Bella is the face of Dior Beauty.

It is so exciting, I am so proud of her!

Do you guys share makeup products and tricks now?

In high school I did Bella’s makeup all the time. I have always been into art and I love makeup as art, so I would play around and she was like my model growing up. And now, whenever she’s over at my place, she steals all of my makeup. I mean I have the people at Maybelline sending me all of the good stuff and I'm like, "Oh Bella you can’t get this stuff for months!" But she takes it anyway.

Have you had an embarrassing makeup moment?

I had one on a red carpet and it was one of my first red carpets. I just had way too much makeup on and it wasn’t a good look. I hadn’t learned yet that my eyes don’t work with strip lashes, my eye shape just isn’t right for those. So I looked drowsy and my eyes were droopy all night because my eyelashes were so heavy.  It was a mess. But you do have to go through those things to learn and then once you have that little failure you realize the importance of finding a great team. I put a lot of effort in finding the people that I create well with and they bring whatever I imagine to life really well.

You are 21 now. Do you have a summer cocktail you love?

Spicy Margarita all day, every day!  I love going to get them at The Nice Guy.


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