Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Have Uncoupled

Tissues. We need tissues.

The unthinkable has happened. No, we're not talking about yet another person from the Trump administration being informed of their own firing via Twitter. (Is that even surprising at this point?) 

Rather, the stylish power couple that is supermodel Gigi Hadid and former One Direction member with the second best hair, Zayn Malik, has announced its series finale. The pair dated for a little more than two years, which basically counts as an eternity in celebrity couple years. 

Per Hadid herself, who posted the traumatic news on Twitter: "Breakup announcements often seem impersonal because there is really no way to put into words what two people experience together over a few years."

The 22-year-old continued, "I'm forever grateful for the love, time and life lessons that Z and I shared. I want nothing but the best for him and will continue to support him as a friend that I have immense respect and love for." 

But then she dropped this cryptic zinger on us, which we're sure diehard Zigi fans (did we ever agree on a portmanteau for them?) are already hard at work decoding in between hysteric sobs: "As for the future, whatever's meant to be will always be." 

Malik, the um, less poetic partner in the relationship, had this slightly more crude reaction to the breakup on Instagram: "When life throws you lemons, catch em so they don't hit you in the fucking face."  

He then followed up with a more succinct tweet, writing that he has a "huge amount of respect and adoration for Gigi as a woman and a friend."

How can this be? Sure, they did normal famous-couple things together, like attend the Met Gala arm-in-robotic-arm, post cute Instagrams together and publicly declare their love for each other's families, but there were so many more levels to their love! 

What about that time Malik got a tattoo of her eyeballs? And remember when she she starred in his music video? Even their fashion worlds overlapped when she photographed him for Versus Versace in the collection he designed. Not to mention, they posed for Vogue in what inadvertently became one of the American glossy's most controversial cover stories!

Forget Justin and Jennifer, Gigi and Zayn were iconic.