Gigi Hadid's Armpit Hair Wasn't Armpit Hair After All

Gigi Hadid by Phil Poynter - Screengrab - H 2017
Screengrab/LOVE TV

A classic case of jacket fuzz.

Gigi Hadid caused quite a stir on Monday when her video for Love magazine's annual advent calendar, directed by Phil Poynter, seemed to show off armpit hair. But according to TMZ, that scruff on Hadid's underarms wasn't hair at all — just jacket fuzz. 

Sources close to the supermodel claim that "residue" left behind by the navy jacket she was wearing on set — where she was quite sweaty, or at least oiled up to look so — created the illusion of au naturel pits. The jacket, like her sports bra and biker shorts, appeared to be from her Tommy x Gigi collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. 

Before the statement was issued, the appearance of her unshaven underarms reignited the trite debate about women's body hair and what should be done with it. While the 22-year-old garnered plenty of praise for the "brave" move in the comments section of the YouTube video, she was criticized, too, by faceless commenters who called the look "gross." 

This deep into 2017 — supposedly the year of "woke" fashion — we're surprised that the armpit hair saga has caused as much fuss as it has, or that anyone close to Hadid or the Love staff felt the need to repudiate the claims that the supermodel went unshaven for the day. We're sure little sister Bella Hadid would agree that there are more pressing issues to be concerned about than whether or not a woman decides to shave her pits.