Gigi Hadid's Beauty Guru on Blue Liner and Summer Must-Haves

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Gigi Hadid (left) and Erin Parsons

From strobing to bold hues, Maybelline makeup artist Erin Parsons dishes on hot new trends and how to get the supermodel's favorite winged eyeliner look.

Erin Parsons, who created Gigi Hadid’s bold lip for Friday evening's Maybelline New York Beauty Bash, says it is all about mixing bold colors this season. The makeup artist blended three Color Sensational Loaded Bolds shades (Raging Raisin, Wickedly White and Pitch Black) on the supermodel’s pout for the event, which showed off the brand's newest products that will be hitting stores in the coming months.

Below, the glam expert breaks down everything a girl needs to be the talk of the town this summer.

Pret-a-Reporter: What is the biggest trend in makeup this season? 

Strobing has definitely become a huge trend due to social media. The levels of it vary from soft shimmer highlights to piled on powdered gleam. I think for summer we'll definitely see a more radiant version of strobing. I love Maybelline's Master Strobe Illuminating Stick because it gives luminosity to the skin that takes it beyond just highlighting. The subtle sheen gives the skin a youthful appearance. Also it's so easy to apply as you can just dab it on using your fingertips, which helps it to melt seamlessly onto the high points of the face. 

SHIMMER ME TIMBERS: Maybelline's Master Strobe Illuminating Stick. (Photo: Maybelline New York)

For summer, do you like a bold lip or a dramatic eye?

For summer, a bold lip is great because it's quick to put on and gives you a total makeup look without having to do much else to the face. I also think it's much more accepted now to do truly bold colors like blue, purple, black, etc. My favorite for summer that works on every skin tone is Maybelline Color Sensational Loaded Bolds Lipstick in Sapphire Siren. 

PURPLE POUT: Maybelline Color Sensational Loaded Bolds Lipstick in Sapphire Siren. (Photo: Maybelline New York)

Is there a certain color you are gravitating towards right now?

I've done a couple of beauty stories that are based on the color blue. It's amazing how a bit of blue liner can make eyes pop or how blue lipstick can brighten the smile. It looks best when the rest of the face is pared back, creating one focal point. 

What are three must-have products women should have if they are spending time at the beach this summer?

Baby Lips Glow Balm. It's PH-triggered so it gives the lips a gorgeous pink glow perfect for the beach. Waterproof mascara is great if you want to look a bit glamorous even while swimming. My favorite is Colossal Spider Effect Mascara Waterproof in Classic Black. And besides the obvious SPF, I love to have a spray bottle of water with cucumber slices inside to keep cool and add extra moisture to the skin. 

WATERPROOF GLAM: Colossal Spider Effect  Waterproof Mascara. (Photo: Maybelline New York)

Does Gigi have a favorite look you have created together?

There's definitely a black winged liner that's sort of a go-to look for both of us. I create it by layering pencil first and finishing with liquid liner. It's pulled out versus curved up, so it makes her eyes look elongated and so gorgeous! My favorite products for this are Maybelline's Lasting Drama Eyeliner in Sleek Onyx and Master Curvy Precise Liquid Liner in Black. 


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Do you have a certain tip or trick you teach your clients for the times they have to do their own makeup? 

It's always important to put a little extra love into the eyelashes. Curl first and apply a layer of mascara, then move to another part of the face and allow the lashes to dry. Then, if necessary, re-curl the lashes and apply another layer of mascara. Use a lash comb to separate any clumps and repeat all steps until you get the desired effect. I love Colossal Spider Effect Mascara because it creates bold, sculpted lashes in just a few strokes. Use the color Glam Black for the blackest black saturation and major lash impact!