Gilbert Gottfried Opens Up About Offensive Japan Tweets

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Observe everything I do and do the opposite!” he says.

Gilbert Gottfried is thankful fellow comedians are defending him after he was fired as the Aflac duck for Tweeting 12 offensive jokes about the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

“Howard Stern was very nice.  He spoke in favor of me, and Joan Rivers and Whoppi Goldberg," Gottfried tells Inside Edition.

His advice to avoid controversy, which he has courted in recent years: "Observe everything I do and do the opposite!"

On Tuesday, Gottfried released an apology for his remarks, which made THR's list of 10 most stupid Hollywood Tweets. Stern stood up for him on his SiriusXM radio show, while Rivers took to Twitter.

Later that night, Rush Limbaugh mocked Diane Sawyer for covering refugees' recycling programs in Japan.