Gina Rodriguez Is Now the Co-founder of a Lingerie Startup

AP Images
Gina Rodriguez

The 'Jane the Virgin' star has partnered with socially conscious lingerie brand Naja.

Gina Rodriguez has joined eco-friendly and socially conscious lingerie brand Naja as the company's co-founder. The Golden Globe-winning actress is partnering with Naja CEO Catalina Girald to help spread the brand's message of empowering women.

According to WWD, the Jane the Virgin star is now an equity holder in the company. Girald, who founded Naja in 2013, met Rodriguez through Procter & Gamble's Orgullosa series "Nine Up-and-Coming Nueva Latinas," which focused on emerging Latinas. It was then that they quickly connected over their passion for women empowerment.

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Indeed, Rodriguez — who was called The Hollywood Reporter's "Next Big Thing" and named one of the "Top 35 Latinos Under 35" — has been vocal about advocating for the Latino community and redefining beauty standards.

"I want little girls to be able to see that their uniqueness is what makes them special; they're imperfectly perfect like everybody else," Rodriguez told THR of the message she wanted to send to her viewers on Jane. "I want to change beauty norms. I eat cookies and brownies, but nobody's talking about what I look like on this show. Nobody's talking about beauty on the show. It's not a conversation because it doesn't need to be one."

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And one of the ways she'll help empower women is through Naja, which mainly employs single mothers and female heads of households at its factory in Colombia, where the lingerie is produced. Naja also launched the Underwear for Hope program, which employs women in the slums of Colombia to make lingerie bags that are offered with each purchase, allowing them to work from home and become their own "micro-entrepreneurs."

Bras, panties and swimwear are sold exclusively on Naja's e-commerce site and include The Gina bra, named after — you guessed it — Gina Rodriguez, selling for $65.