Giovanni Ribisi on Pushing the Envelope for Season 2 of 'Sneaky Pete' | In Studio

"I'll definitely say season two is bigger," Ribisi tells THR. "There's a buffalo — literally a taxidermy buffalo this season."

Season two of Amazon's Sneaky Pete is premiering this Friday, and according to Giovanni Ribisi, fans of the show can expect things to get a lot "bigger" this season.

The actor sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to tease what's to come and talk about stepping behind the camera as a director.

"I'll definitely say season two is a lot bigger and sprawling, and there are a lot more storylines that all coalesce, of course at certain points, and then from that there's complexity in the best way," the actor tells THR. "I think I'm honestly still digesting it, and I guess the tone of it feels a little bit like a heist."

"Season one was all about Marius getting out of prison and trying to extricate his brother from the claws of Bryan Cranston's character, Vince. So there was something that was more personal and more emotional," Ribisi says, expanding on season two. "There's a buffalo — literally a taxidermy buffalo this season."

Ribisi also reveals that he directed episode two of Sneaky Pete's new season, and he'll be stepping behind the camera more in the near future.

Talking about directing more projects, the actor says, "Absolutely that's one of my big focuses. We're working on some things that I shouldn't talk about too much right now, but I'm really excited about it."

Season two of Sneaky Pete premieres March 9 on Amazon.