Galore Founders Preview First-Ever Girl Cult Festival With Tyra Banks, Willow Smith

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From left: Tyra Banks, Chloe x Halle, Willow Smith

Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat chat about the starry one-day extravaganza dedicated to "dancing, discussion and female empowerment" ahead of its debut Sunday in L.A.

Since founding Galore Media in 2012, which includes Galore mag and a creative and marketing agency called Kitten, founders Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat are now setting their sights on the festival/conference game.

The duo are expanding their media empire with an one-day fest called Girl Cult, which is dedicated to "dancing, discussion and female empowerment" for the Gen Z set (those born around 1995 and onward).

Galore's debut event features an impressive lineup, with Tyra Banks as keynote speaker and Willow Smith as a performer. There also will be performances from Beyonce proteges Chloe and Halle, Jesse Jo Stark (daughter of Chrome Hearts co-founder Laurie Lynn Stark and BFF to Bella Hadid), Empire star Serayah and Roc Nation's Justine Skye, as well as panels with Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughter, Ming Lee Simmons, Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, Lori Harvey (daughter of Steve Harvey) and more. 

Ahead of Girl Cult, which takes place Sunday at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood (tickets are available here for $30 each), The Hollywood Reporter chatted with the creative partners about coming up with the girl-power event.


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What led you both to be interested in creating this event?

This whole idea came about [after] seeing this void in the market for a place where Generation Z women could get together and have a platform that is all around music and female empowerment in a really cool and interesting way. A lot of brands are doing a lot of things around different type of conferences and conventions, whether it's in beauty or feminism, and we really wanted to create an all-women music festival because there is nothing like that out there. There's so many amazing talented women within music. We wanted to give all those girls a great platform — a chance to not only perform for a really cool crowd, but also to be able to add this element of information where there's going to be panels.

What will some of those panel discussions involve?

There's going to be three or four panels, and then Tyra [Banks] is going to be our keynote speaker. Some of our panels focus on the beauty of business, where we're working with a few beauty influencers and bloggers. The CEO of Beautycon [Moj Mahdara] is going to speak. We're also doing a whole thing on social media because Generation Z is all around making it as a star via social media. Everyone at that particular age is really trying to figure out their best way of utilizing that tool to make it as a star, because right now, you can easily get your 15 minutes of fame very easily through these platforms like Instagram, and how do you take that and turn it into something where you're making millions? We're going to have [YouTube star] Gigi Gorgeousness, who's going to be talking about beauty and how that all ties into her being a trans woman.

How difficult or easy was it to recruit these famous ladies that are going to be part of the first-ever Girl Cult?

A lot of the women that are on the bill for this are friends of Galore, so all these women have either done stuff with Galore in the past or are working on doing stuff with us. When we came to them with the idea of being part of a moment where we can really make "her-story" together, celebrate female empowerment and have a night where women are center stage, not only for speaking but also for music, everyone was so receptive and open to making this happen, especially with this being our first big one. We feel really gracious.

Why choose Los Angeles over New York City?

We were in New York for the longest and we've actually been more stationed in L.A. in the last two years when we opened up our L.A. office. We really felt that L.A. is the new cultural hub for content and creatives. There's so many amazing brands that are moving here, from fashion to music, and because it's Tinseltown, there's so many young creators creating things on all these digital and mobile platforms. It really is a new era for Generation Z within media, and we really feel like being in L.A. gives us a strong hand on getting that talent first before they all turn into A-list movie stars (laughs).

For those attending, what's the biggest take-away you hope they leave with?

We would say that the biggest take-away is acceptance. We really want everyone to accept each other, love each other. Even though this is a festival dedicated to women and it's all about women, we're not saying men can't come. We want them to understand what women are fighting for and why they're fighting for it. We want it to be something for the trans community, LGBT community. We want to make it an inclusive and diverse festival centered around women, which I believe everyone can relate to, whether you're a man or a woman. Everyone has a strong connection to women because we all come from a woman.