‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’: Internet Lights Up With Reactions to Trailer

“Dragon Tattoo” trailer provokes differing responses, from questions about its origins to whether an American adaptation is necessary.

The first trailer for David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo hit the web Saturday, and reactions have mounted quickly. The trailer was described by a number of sites as having been illegally camcorded in a European theater and appeared to have been uploaded to YouTube by a user in the Netherlands.

However, a Sony spokesman said Monday that the trailer, which carried an MPAA red-band advisory, had played in some theaters in the United States in front of the R-rated The Hangover: Part II and that is where the studio believes the copy was made.

The trailer immediately sparked a debate over its origins and whether an American adaptation of the Swedish trilogy is needed, though the contingent of fanboy bloggers seems to have been pleased with what they saw.

Here is a sampling of what film aficianados had to say.

"The material itself already seems to indicate Fincher is back to his grungy days, and maybe having more fun than ever. A little shaky in-theater recording of what will be cleaned up a bit for Thursday’s official green band trailer launch adds to the flavor." - Kristopher Tapely, In Contention

"The editing is flawless and incredible. And while The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was so bad and moronic I couldn’t finish the book, David Fincher’s film has such beauty that I’m excited. I just hope this won’t be a movie that looks amazing but retains the core terrible elements." - Devin Faraci, Badass News

"The footage looks typically sharp, the world as detailed as you'd hope from Fincher. It also appears to be a pretty straightforward remake. I'm down. What about you?" - Quint, Aint It Cool News

THR readers were a little less charitable, many questioning whether an American version of the trilogy was necessary.

“While the cast looks very good, it's a shame to see they've decided to 'remake' this movie (it isn't even old), when there was nothing wrong with the original... in fact it was excellent,” wrote one reader.

“Haven't I already seen this movie? Oh yeah...right,” wrote another.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is slated for a December release.