Girl Talk winding up work on 'Wild'


NEW YORK -- Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis) is putting the finishing touches on his next Illegal Art album, tentatively titled set "Wild Peace IV: Feed the Animals, Raise the Dead." Gillis took a break from touring this month to buckle down and complete the album, which was born out of his recent live sets.

"In my mind, it's a highlight reel of my live show since last year," he said. "The core ideas are there, but what takes me a long time is just actually pushing them together -- the transitions and things. Live, I'm pretty rough about it. I like to keep it loose. But on record it's like a different art form, so that's the real difficult thing for me."

Gillis envisions the album being more diverse than 2006's "Night Ripper" on a number of levels. "The vocal sources are going to be a little more all over the map," he said. He's also conscious of not simply sampling what's currently dominating the pop charts. "I don't care if no one plays (the song) anymore," he said. "In my mind, everything I do, I want to be a new song."

Late last week, a fake version of "Wild Peace IV" surfaced on Internet file-sharing sites, but Gillis set the record straight on his MySpace page, saying the purported music "has nothing to do with me."

Gillis has a few upcoming dates, including a slot at the All Points West festival in New Jersey in August, but will be holding off on a proper tour until the fall.