'Girls' Creator Lena Dunham Cites Miley Cyrus as Inspiration for New Hairstyle

Lena Dunham/Twitter

The Emmy nominee debuted her new hair do at designer Rachel Antonoff's presentation on Saturday during NY's Spring 2013 Fashion Week.

Lena Dunham, creator of HBO’s Emmy nominated series, Girls, has followed Miley Cyrus’ lead.

She posted an Instagram photo of herself on Twitter of a short cut with long fringed bangs.

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Dunham’s ‘do is still brown, so she didn’t ape both Cyrus and Pink's peroxide antics (thank heavens) but there is a similarity in the style. Acknowledging all the similarities, Dunham captioned her photo: ‘I Miley'd the s**t out of this Saturday.’

She also showed off her new do that night at designer Rachel Antonoff’s Spring 2013 presentation during New York Fashion Week.

Antonoff is a New York based writer/designer and was half the design team behind popular indie label Mooka Kinney. She held a garden party at the Drive-In Studio that featured amusing girly vignettes of models gardening, playing lawn tennis, carving their intitials into fake trees, having iced tea, etc. All wore sweet, feminine dresses, and sporty but quirky separates. 

Dunham wore a white shirt and a bright red sweatshirt to the show. In large white letters, it read, “I’m With Her.” True Grit actress Hailee Steinfeld turned up, too. To see photos from the low-key event, click here.

Dunham had previously warned her massive Twitter fanbase that she would be making the change. She wrote: "About to act in my last scene of season 2. Then it's time to lose my voice and do something self destructive vis a vis my hair!"

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Dunham, 25, and nominated for four Emmy Awards has been eager to look older. "Just found three subtle wrinkles under my right eye. Unironically ecstatic. Been waiting to be old since I was so young. Hurry up already!"