'Girls on Girls (+ One Guy)' Podcast: It All Ends at a Broadway Debut


It might be curtains for Hannah and Adam, as the "Girls" season three finale hinted at a possible huge move on the way.

Biggest lesson learned from Girls' season three finale? Don't barge in on actors just as they're about to hit the stage opening night. Hannah drops a potential relationship-ending bomb on Adam just before showtime, while Marnie cunningly parlays a James Taylor pick into face time with Desi. Meanwhile, Shosh literally comes short at graduation and Jessa learns a very special lesson about friendship and euthanasia.

#pretapodcasters Nicole Breanne, Jessie Katz, Brandon Kirby and Rebecca Sun bid adieu to this season of Girls, but tune in when the #GirlsOn series returns Sunday, April 13, with the debut of Girls on Men, where we talk AMC's Mad Men.

Listen below for the full audio of our farewell episode:

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