'Girls on Girls' Podcast: The Circle of Life ... It Moves Us All

Mark Schafer

The season four 'Girls' finale takes us from the birth of Caroline's baby to the death of Hannah and Adam (and possibly Desi?)

The final episode of this season, "Home Birth," left Girls on Girls panelists Rebecca Sun and Jessie Katz with some pretty mixed emotions. Did the season live up to its tagline, "Nowhere to Grow But Up?" Do we care about Ray and Marnie as a couple yet? Have we recovered from Jessa plunging her head into Caroline's birth water??

There were a few things we felt strongly about right out of the gate: Shoshanna Shapiro has officially blossomed into the kick-ass lean-in power professional we always kinda sorta knew she would be. Also, Laird is not a good person to have on hand during a crisis. Ray's takedown of Desi was extremely on point, if not disastrous for Marnie's engagement and career as a duet artist. Fran is exactly the kind of boyfriend Hannah needs (though we're curious to see how long she'll actually be able to do something that's good for her — at least six months, apparently) and her tender rebuttal of Adam over the glowing incubator of baby Jessa-Hannah was one of the most well-earned emotional points of their entire relationship. But, alas, it looks like it's adios to Adam as the show jumps ahead to a snowy kissy romp for Hannah and Fran half a year later — when, we wonder, Shoshanna will have returned from Tokyo? Jessa is now practicing family therapy out of an 8th Avenue brownstone in Park Slope? Desi turns up dead from a hipster hate crime, and Marnie has become first lady to Chairperson Ploshansky?

As Sir Elton once sang: There's far too much to take in here.

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