'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Close-Up and Personal

Courtesy of HBO

It's better late than never as 'Girls' finally hits its stride at this season's halfway point.

Oh smart, clever, true-to-life Girls, how we missed thee! This week's episode, "Close-Up," reminded us of just why we fell in love with the show in the first place. From Adam and Mimi-Rose's abortion fallout to Hannah's sudden calling to save the world to Shoshanna's flirty repartee with Jason Ritter, we are on board and ready to go wherever the rest of the season may lead. (See? We really wanted to make it work, Girls, but we just needed you to meet us halfway!)

The hateable parts of the episode were at least the things we love to hate (cue: Marnie and Desi, having sex to none other than "Marnie and Desi") and the emotional moments were actually well-earned and recognizable (helped, of course, by the ever-expanding range of Adam Driver, who makes even a boyfriend's selfish outrage feel sympathetic to Girls on Girls panelists Jessie Katz and Rebecca Sun.) So tune in to this week's podcast and let us know using #THRpodcasts on Twitter if you are equally won over, or, if like Jessa, you still think we're wandering adrift on an Island of Misfit People.

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