'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Cubby Problems


The season's fourth episode finds everyone's bold choices start to come back and bite them in the ass (no pun intended, Marnie.)

Hannah finally up and does the unthinkable in this episode of Girls titled "Cubbies," which, she reminds us, are those things we used in kindergarten to put our Play-Doh in, though Hannah has found a new use for them as hate-mail holders for her classmates. At this point she's practically begging to be expelled from the program, and when her professor refuses to make the call for her, she finally folds at the urging of her especially empathic father. (We can't help but wonder what's in it for him, especially when he's already watched his wife's dreams of being a novelist slip away. Was he being serious when he suggested they run away together? And, as Hannah put it, "Ew?")

While this week's Girls on Girls panel Tiare Dunlap, Tess Zolly and Jessie Katz processed the clinically insane ballsiness of Hannah's decision to drop out, we also had Desi's pathetic break-up declaration to grapple with, as well as Shoshanna's complete whiff on a job interview and her endearing emotional rebound with citizen traffic cop Ray. There wasn't quite enough Jessa in this episode for our liking, but we did appreciate her succinct criticism of Marnie and Desi's new song: "I thought it was just badly mixed."

As a summation of this season so far, we couldn't have put it better ourselves.

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