'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Getting Along Without Him

Girls Week 7 - H 2015

Girls Week 7 - H 2015

A beautifully crafted episode that feels like a short film finds Hannah and Adam confronting ghosts of lovers past, present and future.

Boy, are this week's Girls on Girls panelists Rebecca Sun and Jessie Katz back on board after this seventh episode of the Girls season, called "Ask Me My Name." The title comes from Mimi-Rose's performance art show, which Hannah crashes (on a first date) so she can confront Adam and M-R on their home turf - a fight she soon discovers she is ill-equipped for. With Obvious Child's adorable Jake Lacy in tow, Hannah meets the horrified faces of all her friends and most of all Adam, who seems as excited to share the same oxygen with Hannah and Mimi-Rose as he was about his depression commercial. Once her date Fran wises up and peaces out (Jake Lacy, please come back next week!), Hannah, Adam, Mimi-Rose and her "ex-partner" Ace (played with so much hipster smugness by Zachary Quinto that we'd almost rather see more Desi instead) head off to the after-party two-by-two.

En route, Adam discovers Ace's plans to get M-R back, while Hannah decides to gracefully bow out of the love triangle and let the crazy artists have each other while she follows in her mother's footsteps to a vanilla adulthood devoid of creative enchantment. We hope it's not true. As much as we personally would love to spend our evenings playing Scrabble at home in Michigan with Tad and Loreen, we'd rather see Hannah rising phoenix-like out of the ashes, with Fran on her arm and a Teacher of the Year trophy on her mantle.

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