'Girls on Girls' Podcast: I Think We're Alone Now


Boundary-crossing, scene-stealing and daddy-dressing: 'Girls' is back to its usual shenanigans.

Knowing this episode was titled "Daddy Issues," Girls on Girls panelists Rebecca Sun and Jessie Katz were bracing for the worst of Hannah in the aftermath of last week's revelation that her father is gay. Apparently we were the only ones who knew this would be a big woe-is-me moment for her, as opposed to Elijah and Chloe, who couldn't care less about their friend's emotional turmoil. (Although we appreciate the pun, it's probably not the best moment for Chloe to coin the nickname "Whore-vath.") To be honest we were impressed with how on-the-chin Hannah tries to take the news, until Elijah decides to make over Tad into a proper "daddy" and describes, a little too specifically for Hannah, what that would entail in the boudoir.

Speaking of specific boudoir behavior, the episode kicks off with Jessa and Ace engaging in some of their own (apparently the singer Tiffany is the new aphrodisiac to people who were barely alive when she was popular). But, like Tad and Loreen's marriage, that union was not built to last. Under the guise of seeking Ethiopian food, Ace leads Jessa into Mimi-Rose's emotional funhouse instead, where he and M-R H jilt both Jessa and Adam before the sausages are even done frying.

And then there is Ray. Something quite celebratory did transpire in this episode, which was the election of Ray Ploshansky as Chairperson of Brooklyn Community Board 8 (dethroning the free booze-seeking Marc Maron.) It turns out Shoshanna is quite the James Carville of her generation — with a natural talent for bunting, to boot. But before anyone can even enjoy their piece of Muammar Gaddafi-inspired cake, in swoops Marnie to rain the hell out of the parade with her announcement that she and Desi are engaged. We're not quite sure when Ray decided that Marnie was the Hubbell to his Katie, but the news knocked the wind out of his sails faster than Ace can cross Bushwick and Dekalb. We're left with Ray and Hannah confiding to each other that they are both faking their own happiness. At least our Girls friends finally all have something in common.

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