'Girls on Girls' Podcast: The Last of the Red Hot Lovers


Cue the Boyz II Men and pour one out for Hannah and Adam in this touching return to emotional 'Girls' terrain

Girls has finally found its heart again - and it only took breaking Hannah's into a thousand tiny shards to do it. In this fifth episode of the season, titled "Sit-In," Hannah returns to the motherland of Brooklyn only to find she has been replaced - in her own apartment - by the aggressively hyphenated Mimi-Rose Howard (Gillian Jacobs guest appearance waddup!) This week's Girls on Girls panelists Jessie Katz and Rebecca Sun wept (on the inside, we swear) for our poor bowl-cutted babe as she barricaded herself in her old bedroom while a rotating cast of friends floated in and out to offer their condolences, and a hot cup of tea.

This episode really tells us all we need to know about the status of everyone's ability to be any kind of friend at all  - and, consistently, the only two who seem to be left with any moral compunction whatsoever are Shoshanna and Ray. Jessa has gone beyond the "rules of common human decency," as Hannah puts it, by admitting to having fixed Adam up with his new paramour (with a Woody Allen/Soon-Yi "The heart wants what it wants" defense to boot) and don't even get us started on Marnie, who floats in on a cloud of smug and second-hand patchouli after a phone-free "wood-shopping" sesh with Desi. GAG.

But hey - this episode also brought us the return of Caroline and Laird. We'll take that creamy-feet silver lining in this otherwise black and shriveled rain cloud of emotional despair. Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

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