'Girls on Girls' Podcast: In With Tenure, Out With Tad

Girls Episode 8 Main - H 2015

Girls Episode 8 Main - H 2015

'Girls' goes all Mazursky on us as Hannah's parents and their friends dabble in some bed-hopping and closet-popping.

Elijah called it.

As this week's Girls on Girls panelists Rebecca Sun and Jessie Katz point out (that Rebecca is all steel trap up there!), when we first met Elijah Kranz back in season one, one of the many jabs he traded back and forth with Hannah was to point out that her father is a gay man (his parting words were, in fact, "It was nice to see you. Your dad is gay.") Hannah was in shock then as she is now, even as her mother is telling her, unequivocally, that Tad has just come out of the closet.


Excuse our excitement but we're happy for the guy, even if Loreen is being a royal … well … a royal Hannah about it, at the same time that their friend Avi (played by the sublime-as-ever Fred Melamed) is trying to steal her away. We'd say he can have her, but we were so thrilled to see scene-stealing Jackie Hoffman playing Avi's wife, Shanaz (remember her as Jennifer Westfeldt's best friend in Kissing Jessica Stein?) that we hope Avi and Loreen don't ride off into the tenure-tinted sunset just yet.

Did we mention this episode is called "Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz?"

It could also be called "Chloe & Hannah," as a big subplot of this episode is Hannah's boundary-blurring friendship with her student, played by Maude Apatow (we'd call nepotism on this casting because we know everyone else will but she's actually perfectly cast as an all-too-knowing brownstone Brooklyn teen.) Apparently all of the emotional advancements made by Hannah in the last two episodes have been wiped clean by the fact that Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner wrote this episode instead of Murray Miller (didn't think that's what we were going to say? Well we're going there!) Speaking of going there, Shosh really went all-out with the dirty talk at dinner with Scott (not sure which feels more wrong — Shoshanna saying "cock" or Shoshanna saying "cock" to Jason Ritter.) Naturally we have Jessa to thank for this date grenade (why are they even keeping her character alive at this point?), but luckily the sudden appearance of The Good Wife cast overshadowed the cousin-devil on Shosh's shoulder.

For the record, we still haven't gotten over Will's death, either.

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