'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Timed to Self-Destruct

Girls Season 4 Ep 3 - H 2015

Girls Season 4 Ep 3 - H 2015

Now that they're finally getting what they want, will our girls let their falling stars fade away?

This week in Girls land finds our ladies each perched on their own specially-made precipice of disaster. Hannah is proving to be an absolute wrecking ball in her writers workshop, much to our dismay, if not surprise. Marnie and Desi actually seem close to becoming a legit recording duo, only to have Desi's nauseating Svengali act push Marnie to the brink of madness (and maybe even chain-smoking.) Shoshanna somehow pulls out an actual offer from a job interview only to reject it on the spot in a fit of post-recession lunacy, and Jessa pops an ill-timed squat just as she and Adam are making nice headway as recovery buddies.

Well, what else would we expect from any of them? Sadly our expectations for these characters are already bargain-basement low by the season's third episode. As Elijah (shockingly the new sage of the series) tells Hannah, "Nothing works out the way it should." This week's panel of Girls on Girls podcasters Erin Weinger, Tiare Dunlap, Rebecca Sun, Jessie Katz and Scott Feinberg knock our heads together for another round of "who's worse than who?" for this episode titled Female Author. (And if there is such a person in this episode, please point her out to us? Hannah Horvath, please take ten steps back.)

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