'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Trigger Warning


Episode two, aptly called 'Triggering' in oh so many ways, takes us to the heartland as Hannah goes back to school.

There's no place like Iowa! The green lawns... the shiny bicycles... the narcissism!

"The narcissism?" you may say. "But that's not a Midwestern value!" Nope, folks, it isn't - but it's a Horvath value, and Hannah is crop dusting gallons of it over the heads of her University of Iowa classmates, be it in the writers workshop, the bookstore or the keg party. This week's episode is called Triggering and it served as one giant emotional trigger for this week's Girls on Girls panel, Tiare Dunlap, Rebecca Sun and Jessie Katz.

With welcome appearances by Desiree Akhavan, Marin Ireland and Brooks Wheelan, there are just enough life rafts in this episode to keep us afloat amid the deluge of Hannah's self-aggrandizing, but Lord, are the waters getting choppy.

And in a mostly-Hannah bottle-esque episode, thank goodness for Elijah's party-crashing presence -- even if he did spend most of it facilitating some corn-fed freshman's sexual awakening.

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