'Girls On Men' Podcast, Season 7, Episode 5 With 'Mad Men's' Kit Williamson

Mad Men Kit Williamson - H 2014

Mad Men Kit Williamson - H 2014

The actor, who plays SC&P copywriter Ed Gifford, joined #pretapodcasts to chat about the latest episode, from morning-after Megan to gory Ginsberg.

Kit Williamson, who plays bespectacled copywriter Ed Gifford, chatted with #pretapodcasts about the AMC drama's fifth episode, which saw Megan orchestrating quite the stellar menage-a-trois (maybe Betty should have been learning French instead of Italian). Meanwhile, Sally took a stance for women's lib even after she Marcia Brady'd herself (with a golf club instead of a football). And how do we even begin to process Ginsberg, who one-up'ed Van Gogh on romantic appendage-giving and had us contemplating a One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest plot possibility. Spinoff, anyone?

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