'Girls on Men' Podcast, Season 7, Episode 6: Peggy and Don Do It Their Way


#pretapodcasts breaks down the penultimate episode of the first half of "Mad Men's" final season, with the plaid-loving, slow-dancing, Mile High Club-joining employees of SC&P.

This oft-sentimental episode found the usual suspects up to their usual tricks: Pete attempting to put Peggy in her womanly place; Don and Megan playing house and failing; Bob Benson desperately trying to put a ring on it; and Harry Crane finally getting his place at the table — albeit with dissension by some of his new "partners."

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Once we recovered from plaid-induced blindness and the slow dance of the season, #pretapodcasts wiped the tears from our eyes and sorted through the highs and lows of "The Strategy," which left us all pining for a place at the table … at Burger Chef.