'Girls on Orange' Podcast With 'Orange Is The New Black's' Yael Stone

Yael Stone Orange is the New Black - H 2014

Yael Stone Orange is the New Black - H 2014

The actress who plays lovesick Morello tells #pretapodcasts how she was 'shocked' by her own character - and why she makes a better actor than waitress

Four months after the Australian-born Yael Stone moved to New York, she was cast in one of the hottest shows on television.

"In that amount of time I did discover I'm a pretty bad waitress," she admitted to #pretapodcasts about that short but uncertain period before Jenji Kohan anointed her to play the delusionally romantic inmate Lorna Morello, whose character shocked audiences in season two when we learned that *spoiler alert* her "fiance" was actually just a stranger she had been stalking.

"I was shocked at the extent that she went to, but I wasn't shocked that she wasn't what we thought she was," said Stone.

And how would she summarize her experience from first setting foot in the Big Apple until now?

"Move to America, become a waitress, suck at that, get married, get this amazing, amazing job and then begin work like a week later."

"I feel really, really lucky," she added. "It's quite a surreal experience."

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