'Girls' on Snapchat, 'The Mindy Project' on Tinder: TV's Mobile Marketing Trial

"Girls" and "The Mindy Project"

HBO's Lena Dunham dramedy and Fox's Mindy Kaling starrer adopt the niche platforms for their latest campaigns.

Girls and The Mindy Project are getting friendly with their fans.

The two television shows have each launched a new marketing initiative on niche mobile platforms. HBO's Lena Dunham starrer announced via Twitter on Jan. 3 that the show has set up a profile on Snapchat, the mobile-to-mobile photo-sharing service.

The show's strategy includes sending fans reminders leading up to its third-season premiere on Jan. 12, as well as shots from its red carpet event.

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Meanwhile, Mindy Kaling's Fox comedy has set up profiles for its characters on Tinder, the dating app that scouts romantic prospects by location. Once users "swipe" themselves as a match with one of the characters, they receive a private message asking them to tune in to The Mindy Project, according to Gawker, which also notes that the show has an upcoming Tinder-themed episode.

See Mindy and Danny's very accurate Tinder profiles in the user tweet below:

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