'Girls' Star Takes to Kickstarter to Fund Music Video

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From her political-activist lesbian on "Mad Men" to a sex-obsessed teen in "The Kids Are All Right," the offspring of David Mamet has never played it safe.

Zosia Mamet and her sister Clara together form The Cabin Sisters, who are seeking to raise $32,000 for their indie project.

Hollywood’s sudden infatuation with Kickstarter is spreading.

After successful bids from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and Zach Braff to get fan-funding for their passion projects (and an unsuccessful bid from Melissa Joan Hart), Girls star Zosia Mamet and her sister Clara have taken to the crowd-funding site with the goal of raising $32,000 to create their first music video.

“Your support for this project will be the backbone to a body of excited filmmakers, producers and musicians all making something from nothing,” the duo, dubbed The Cabin Sisters, write. “The music video for ‘Bleak Love’ is our chance to realize through the visual artistry of some very talented people the universal feeling of un-requited love.”

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The Cabin Sisters describe their sound as a “unique brand of folk via body percussion, banjo and harmonies” and their song, “Bleak Love,” is previewed in a video featured on the Kickstarter page.

At the time of publication, five days into their 14-day funding period, $1,900 had been pledged between 51 backers.

The project received a boost of support from Girls creator Lena Dunham, who tweeted the link to her 1 million-plus followers on Wednesday.

“Zosia is making a very un-Shosh like music video (with a little help from her friends),” Dunham wrote, while acknowledging her own use of crowd funding. “We did a spot of crowd sourcing for Tiny Furniture festival dues- there are still people I want to avoid because I forgot to send out prizes.”

“That’s just to say, not sure about Kickstarter yet (tho I do believe it can coexist w/ charity) but am sure I love my friend & coworker!” she added.

Among the various prizes offered to backers is the opportunity to appear as an extra in the video. The cost? A $7,000 pledge, plus paying your own way for transportation and lodging.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Mamets’ music video expires on June 9.