'Girls on Transparent' Podcast: From Wrecked Weddings to "It's a Boy!"


#THRpodcasts debates the winners and losers in the epic second season of Amazon’s award-winning show 'Transparent.'

Is Transparent the anti-Seinfeld?

In this newest installment of The Hollywood Reporter's TV recap podcast series Girls On… we tackle a show that is, unlike Seinfeld, a story about everything: gender, religion, family, sexuality, genetics, art — even the Holocaust! Where do we even begin with this thing? Well, by starting where we always do on this podcast: by deciding who is up and who is down in the “Four F” categories of Fashion, Finance, Friendship and Fornication.

Listen in as THR’s Jessie Katz and special guest host Darah Golub (TV editor for the Jewish Broadcasting Service) debate and dissect all that went down in the Pfefferman family this season. Secrets were spilled, love bloomed in unexpected places, Jill Soloway was paraded around the woods like a naughty doggy and Eileen Myles played a friend of Cherry Jones playing a version of Eileen Myles. (Got that?) Plus, Anjelica Huston! Indigo Girls! Not to mention “Flicky-Flicky Thump-Thump!”

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