Gisele Bundchen on Track to Become World’s First Billionaire Supermodel

Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

In addition to her campaigns with Versace and Dior, she is licensing her name to a slew of products that could net her big bucks, says Forbes.

Ka-ching: Gisele Bundchen is on track to become the world’s first billionaire supermodel.

In addition to her campaigns with Versace and Dior, the 30-year-old model -- who has an estimated $45 million annual income -- is licensing her name to products ranging from jewelry to eco-friendly cosmetics and lingerie, according to Forbes. She also has a lucrative line of sandals with Grendene, one of the world’s leading makers of synthetic footwear. Forbes reports she also is looking to sell a stake in Sejaa Pure Skincare, the eco-friendly cosmetics company she founded last year.

Even more bucks may be on the way for Bundchen.

Her lingerie company, Gisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates -- which she launched last year through a joint venture with Hope, the Brazilian equivalent of Victoria’s Secret -- also could land her as much as $19 million a year, the site reports.

And then there are her real estate investments.

Forbes reports that her portfolio includes a hotel she owns in the south of Brazil; property in an Bahia; a villa in Costa Rica and a Brentwood, Calif., estate that she and husband Tom Brady snapped up for $11 million (for the land alone) and will reportedly drop another $20 million to develop.