Giuliana and Bill Rancic's Style Network Show Picked Up For Fifth Season

Giuliana Rancic Emmys - P 2011
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Giuliana Rancic Emmys - P 2011

The reality series will air behind-the-scenes footage of the E! News co-host's battle with breast cancer.

The Style Network has ordered another helping of Giuliana & Bill.

The reality series co-starring Giuliana and Bill Rancic will return for a fifth season April 2, the channel announced Friday.

This season will begin on a sober note, addressing Giuliana Rancic's struggle with breast cancer, her double mastectomy and return to work hosting E! News. While she recovers, the couple continue to talk about starting a family -- something they have had trouble with in the past undergoing unsuccessful in-vitro fertilization treatments. On the lighter side of things, the series will introduce Anna and Eduardo DePandi (Giuliana's parents) as houseguests and also feature the Rancics opening their restaurant, RPM Italian, in Chicago (Bill's hometown, where they'll be shown looking for a new house).

VIDEO: Giuliana Calls Her Double Mastectomy "Hell"

The E! News co-host, who revealed her breast cancer diagnosis on the Today show in October, returned to work Dec. 27; just weeks before, she underwent a double mastectomy, saying: ""I knew this was going to be a tough surgery. I in no way want to minimize it."

"Since day one of our marriage, Bill and I have welcomed Style into our lives, from traveling with us to Italy for our wedding, to following our struggles to conceive," she said in a statement Friday. "In 2011, we faced our scariest obstacle yet when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but as we start 2012, I am focused on living in the present. Bill and I look forward to this new year of opportunity and good health and can’t wait to once again share our journey with the Style viewers."