'The Giver' Trailer: 'The Way Things Look and the Way Things Are Are Very Different' (Video)

UPDATED: The upcoming film adaptation of the Lois Lowry novel stars Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift and Brenton Thwaites.

The trailer for the upcoming film version of The Giver debuted on Wednesday's Today.

The clip begins with a voiceover from Meryl Streep's Chief Elder in which she sets up the futuristic society in which the story takes place.

"From great suffering, great pain came a solution: communities where disorder became harmony," says Chief Elder over shots of a soldier dying in war, a courthouse, kids playing and a family enjoying time together.

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But things aren't exactly as they seem.

"The way things look and the way things are are very different," Jeff Bridges, who plays The Giver, says to Brenton Thwaites, who's been chosen to be his society's Receiver of Memories.

Bridges is later shown sharing those memories with Thwaites, grabbing his wrists as images from people's lives flash across the screen.

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The trailer also offers a look at Streep sporting a gray wig and Katie Holmes' role as Thwaites' character's mom.

The Weinstein Co./Walden Media film is based on the best-selling classic Lois Lowry novel and also stars Taylor Swift and Alexander Skarsgard. The movie was directed by Phillip Noyce, with Michael Mitnick adapting the novel for the screen. It's set to hit theaters Aug. 15.

The trailer is set to begin appearing in theaters on Thursday.

Watch the full trailer above.