'Glee The 3D Concert Movie': Harry Shum Jr. and Jenna Ushkowitz Spill Show Secrets

During an interview at the film's premiere, the actors open up to THR about Season Three, off-camera pranks and getting tattoos with their cast mates.

Nothing says cast-love quite like getting matching ink!

Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz showed off a new bit of body art with The Hollywood Reporter at the Fox premiere of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie in L.A. And, she shares the tattoo, which says 'Imagine' on her outer wrist, with a few of her cast mates. 

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"Lea [Michele], Kevin [McHale] and I all got that in Chicago when were on tour, actually going to do Oprah," Ushkowitz revealed. "We all got it in different spots but we got it because we just wanted the same tattoo."

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And, if that weren't proof enough of the cast's closeness, she insists that after long days, they still hang out off camera. "After 12 hour days, we'll just sit in our trailers together and like, decompress, hang out. There's so much work to be done that when we're at work, we do our thing, but then people will be surprised that we spend a lot of time together and we choose to hang out afterwards as well." 

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There is even one co-star who likes to play practical jokes on her pals. "Amber's definitely our prankster," says Ushkowitz. "She's such a punk. 

Now, what of starting Season Three (premiering September 20) after their jam-packed summer? "It's like we went around the world," Harry Shum Jr. told THR of returning to the show's set after doing a live tour and making the 3D film this summer. "It'll take a little bit of adjusting, but I think we'll feel like we're at home when we get back on set." 

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