‘Glee’ Extra Says She Didn’t Learn Tweeted Spoilers on Set

Nicole Crowther says she overheard the inside information at a dinner party and didn’t violate any code of ethics or contract, but show Brad Falchuk co-creator "never wants me to work again in Hollywood."

NEW YORK – Glee extra Nicole Crowther says she has not been on the set of the hit show since October and overhead spoilers about the prom episode that she tweeted about at a dinner party rather than on set.

She says she attended the dinner party with a friend and met a young woman who claimed she was a Glee extra who had just finished shooting the prom episode.

"I didn't even know if the girl I heard it from was joking or telling the truth," said Crowther, 21, in a statement. "I was not an extra for that scene and haven't been an extra on the show since Oct. 2010." She added: “I didn't violate any code of ethics or violate a contract."

Crowther came under fire for sharing the names of the prom king and queen.

As a result, Glee producer 20th Century Fox Television started considering amending all talent deals to include strict punishments for blabbing online.

And Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk said to Crowther via Twitter: “Hope you’re qualified to do something besides work in entertainment…Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?”

Crowther, who has been an extra on various other shows, said she regrets sending the tweet. "I have been on the set of many shows and have never, and would never, give away any information...And I am truly sorry for any trouble I have caused. But that was never what I intended. I wanted to be just another speculator weighing in."

She claims that people in the industry have been told to drop her as friends on Facebook or face retribution. And she said she is exploring legal options, because she feels her budding career is in danger. 

"Mr. Falchuk publicly humiliated me and has made it clear that he never wants me to work again in Hollywood," said Crowther.
Her statement said she would like Falchuk to help make it known that she did not betray an on-set code of conduct.