'Glee' to feature 'Rocky Horror' episode

Upcoming season will also explore central characters

The "Glee" writers are planning a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" episode, series co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed at Comic-Con.

After first-time Emmy nominee Chris Colfer mentioned he wanted to do "The Time Warp" in the new season, Murphy said that he and the writers were currently working on it.

More Season 2 story lines were revealed after a 20-minute highlight reel was shown, including more focus on the series' central characters. "The next season will be more intimate," Murphy said.

"Those characters pop so much that I want to see a whole episode of Brittany, a whole episode of Artie and Tina," he said early in the session, adding that there will be more tribute episodes.

When discussing the highly publicized Britney Spears episode, Murphy said that Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester would be highly against doing Britney songs because Morrison said once that he didn't want to sing her tunes on the show.

"We're doing it in a fun, hallucinogenic way," Murphy teased.

Comic-Con 2010  
Another spoiler got the crowd and panelists going: "We find out that Tina has fallen out of love with Artie and in love with Mike Chang (aka Other Asian)," Murphy said.

Season 2 will also see Mercedes at her church (a solo is almost guaranteed), and Kurt will be attending as well in a religion-themed hour.

In addition to Kristin Chenoweth returning, Broadway vet Idina Menzel will be coming back.

Plans for the post-Super Bowl episode are in the works, but Murphy promises something big.

"Nothing says Super Bowl like 'Glee,' " he joked. "We're in talks to do a huge tribute episode, but the deal hasn't closed yet so I can't say."

Playing to the crowd, it was revealed that the writers are discussing a Brittany and Santana kiss.

Murphy got an idea from a fan, who suggested the gang spotlight a classic musical.

"I can see Artie busting out some 'Guys and Dolls,' " he said.
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