'Glee' to Take on Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' in Super Bowl Episode

An Elton John tribute expected to be an episode in the back-nine.

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" will be the latest iconic song to get the Glee treatment, Entertainment Weekly reports.

While the Fox hit will abandon the themed-episode as had been widely speculated, the post-Super Bowl episode will revolve around the musical dramedy's sports story lines and see the glee club perform a "Thriller" mash-up during the McKinley High football team's championship game.
The episode will be sponsored by General Motors, likely meaning fewer commercial breaks.
Previous speculation suggested the post-Super Bowl episode would be a tribute episode revolving around a specific musician — as Glee has previously done with Britney Spears and Lady Gaga — with Elton John being considered. EW also confirmed that a John tribute is expected to be among this season's back-nine.
The episode also will feature fan favorites Darren Criss — whose "Teenage Dream" recently became the show's best-selling download — and Dot-Marie Jones as well as Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester's cheerleading team competing at regionals.
The Super Bowl is Feb. 6 on Fox.