Cory Monteith's Last Chance: Inside the Rehab Center He Left Early

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Four months before his death, the troubled "Glee" star checked into an Antigua-based facility that bans electronic devices, foul language and revealing clothing -- even for celebrities; Britney Spears once checked in and walked out.

This story first appeared in the Aug. 16 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

When Cory Monteith returned to rehab in March, he checked in to Crossroads Centre in Antigua.

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The late Glee star wasn’t the first entertainer to choose the West Indies facility — Whitney Houston, Billy Joel and Colin Farrell all have dried out there — but Crossroads boasts a structured program, based on a “holistic approach” to the traditional 12 steps, that sets it apart from other celebrity treatment retreats.

Founded in 1998 by Eric Clapton (who had his own struggles with addiction), the center bans electronic devices, foul language and revealing clothing, even during supervised trips to the beach.

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Some have chafed against the restrictions: In 2007, Britney Spears arrived at and departed Crossroads within 24 hours. For those who stay, the 29-day residential program costs $27,500, and the six-week version is $35,375. Attendance and punctuality are demanded, and to avoid the revolving-door reputation that many luxury rehab centers experience, relapsed clients are allowed to re-enroll just once.